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Antelope Island



R & G Horse and Wagon offers exclusive horseback trail rides on historic Antelope Island, a 28,000 acre island in the Great Salt Lake. The island itself was once in private ownership and included a working ranch, the Fielding Garr Ranch. It was subsequently purchased by the state of Utah and is now part of the Utah State Park system.

 The island's ample population of big game animals includes Mule Deer, Antelope, and Bighorn Sheep and is highlighted by a herd of American Bison. Coyotes and, rarely, Bobcats are also seen on the island. Innumerable birds use the island and the surrounding Great Salt Lake during summer and migration. Wildflowers abound in summer. Geologic features include several levels of historic Lake Bonneville as well as remnants of ancient volcanoes. Mule Deer Buck

Owner Ron Brown All rides are led by experienced wranglers that are intimately familiar with the island and its rich history. Our horses are gentle and well trained. They have appeared in several feature films including "Far and Away", "Donner Party", and "Stranger of My Land". We can accommodate all levels of riding experience from beginner to expert alike and adjust the ride according to your needs. Currently the only way to see the south end of Antelope Island is a on a trail ride with us and rides are available year round.

A leisurely ride on Antelope Island with its spectacular scenery dominated by the towering Wasatch Range is an experience you'll not soon forget.


Ogden, Utah
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